Beertasting Parties

Let’s turn this whole beer thing into a social gathering. BabyGotBeer can do social events, corporate networking opportunities, team building, and charitable fundraisers. We love hosting beertasting parties. What does this entail? I’m glad I asked that question …

We will come to your venue and …
Bring six different beers

We can create a theme with you; or you can leave it completely up to us. We always work to bring in different styles and will gladly work with requests, within reason. If you’re asking for 6 consecutive years of Pliny the Younger, it ain’t gonna happen.

Teach the Three T’s

We’ll give TIPS on how to properly sample and enjoy a new beer; TIDBITS on the brewery, beer, and style; and TRIVIA so you can wow your friends and win bar bets.

Pour six 4-ounce samples

This isn’t about drinking a LOT of beer: it’s about sampling new beers, experimenting with new flavors or styles, and having a great time to boot.

Provide the snacks

With so many varying tastes and flavors – you can’t hop (get it? hop?) from one to the next. We’ll bring some simple crackers, nuts, etc to enjoy between rounds.


All prices include beer, snacks, witty repartee, and fountain of beer knowledge.

  • $25/person (in Atlanta)
  • Travel costs must be included for other locations