A Little Somthin’

Regular readers will recall that I gave you a little hint at the end of the last post as to what our third BOTW would be.  This beer is one I received on one of the 40 days of beer.  Thank you, Ellen!

Little Sumpin’ Awesome
From Petaluma, CA we get Lagunitas Brewing Company’s Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale.  This is a filtered pale wheat ale that is very smooth and adds just enough hops to give it a nice crisp flavor.  But let’s break all that down.  You’ve probably had UNfiltered wheat beers, those cloudy Hefeweizens, etc.  And you’ve likely had IPAs before, ranging from slightly bitter to borderline criminally bitter.  Consider this beer a great marriage of the two: smooth yumminess from the wheat plus sharp crisp hops on the finish to leave you wanting more.  And more.

Side bar.  Have you ever wanted to try a new beer and you’ve been hesitant, for no reason other than fear that you’ll mispronounce it?  You don’t want your friends or the wait staff to think you’re uninformed.  So, you either grunt and point like a Neanderthal, say it with a heavy foreign accent (“that’s how they said it when I was in Amsterdam”) or give up and order a Coors Light.  You’re not alone… Many of us have had similar moments of trepidation.  Unibroue Ephemere (say Unibrew eff-a-mair). Tsingtao (try saying “Ching-dow.”) for this week’s beer, Lagunitas provides a handy pronunciation guide.  la-goo-NEE-tuss.  Try it. It’s fun to say.  And you’ll look extra hip the next time you say it at your favorite beer pub.

And now back to a Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale.  This is one of the beers that la-goo-NEE-tuss offers year round.  But they have a seasonal now that is called a Little Sumpin’ Wild, a Belgian Trappist style cousin of this week’s beer.  Color me there!
Oh, and FYI, the second Little Sumpin’ Sumpin tastes better than the first.  Have a great weekend everyone!
Mike Pennington by Mike Pennington