I had not heard of this beer until about ten or twelve years ago when I was approached on a beach somewhere and offered one for little more than pocket change.  It’s also something I have not had since that fabulous trip so many years ago.  This blog entry is less about the quality of the beer and more about the memories it evokes.  And many times, that is the best part of trying something new.

Enough with the mystery, the beer is Mythos, the ‘beach somewhere’ was in Greece and the cost was one measly Euro.  I had opportunity several years ago to accompany three friends (ok, I begged my way into it) on a 10-day trip to Greece.  Stellar; unforgettable; beautiful … I need Mr. Roget to help me find enough superlatives.  Part of the allure of the trip was simplicity.  We didn’t have an agenda, other than having a good time and seeing the scenery.  While walking down the beach one day, a local lad walked across the street holding a green bottle and asked for one Euro (on those days, about 90 cents.)  It was a local beer called Mythos.  The fact that it was hand delivered, cost less than a dollar and was more like a pint than our standard 12-ounce bottle = yes, please.  It was good not great.  But again, I was looking at this:

Aegina, just off the coast from Athens

Great trip, great friends, great memories, good beer.  During my recent 40 days of beer extravaganza, RTW from that trip brought me a 6-pack of Mythos.  In a single instant, I was back on that beach, paying one Euro and looking out over that incredibly clear, blue water.   The experience surrounding that beer is way more important than the color or the hoppiness or the thickness of the head.  I refuse to finish that 6-pack, because I don’t want to wait another ten years to bring those memories back!

Do you have any beers that evoke strong memories for you?

Mike Pennington by Mike Pennington