Anyone who’s followed this adventure to this point has come to one of several conclusions …

  1. I’m not a writer
  2. This beer thing is a true obsession
  3. suck at making good food choices
  4. All of the above
If you raised your hand for either 3 or 4 above … this post is for you! Chili cheese dogs, Super Bowl smorgasbord of garbage, wings, fries … this is NOT the path to better health. I know this, but why can’t I get over that mental hurdle and just make better choices??? Ugh.
Today felt – different. I was faced with a situation where I would normally go with the flow and choose the lard-based food options. But I didn’t. I was less bad than I should have been. I’ll explain.
Breakfast. You guessed it. Fiber One bar to the rescue
Lunch. This is where my choosing came into play. I was at a work thing with a catered meal. And as you all know, those situations can be hardest – your options are severely limited. This was a create-your-own-taco/salad bar from a local Mexican chain. (It’s the place that I believe is in opposition to my moral compass … but that’s a story for another day.) Giant fried flour salad bowls … full of greasy ground beef, queso, and tons of assorted deliciousness. Mountains of tortilla chips. YES! This is my jam. What did I create? I skipped the fried bowl, made a bed of lettuce, added grilled chicken with some shredded cheese and some pico de gallo. That was it. Not chips … no queso … no greasy meat. I felt like Rocky Balboa at the top of the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It was a victory. Not a huge one, but a victory nonetheless.
Dinner. More salad. I got the Zaxby’s Blackened Blue Zalad … with lite vinaigrette dressing. Pretty solid option (although I couldn’t resist the slice of Texas toast. I mean, I’m still human.)
Going to bed tonight feeling somewhat fabulous. Time will tell. Did I turn a corner into understanding the value of good decisions? Or was this just one day? We’ll see soon enough.

Beer time …

Just one beer tonight. But I dug back into the cellar and pulled out a fave. Founders KBS from 2017. Ohmagoodness. So rich and deliciously smooth. This was such a great year for KBS. (I liked it a lot better than 2018, and slightly better than 2016.) Time has NOT taken away from the quality of this one.
Mike Pennington by Mike Pennington