Flight at Stout Brothers

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to visit all of the great Roswell breweries we highlighted recently, but it’s time to shift our attention just a little bit.

We’re not leaving Roswell just yet – instead we’re going to look at some of the great taphouses that are continually springing up here. And when I say taphouse, I don’t mean just a place with a great selection of draft beer – all 4 of these also sell packaged beer to go too! I’m getting ahead of myself.

Proper Hop Taphouse


Brand New Proper Hop

We’ll start with the newest kid on the block, but one that has developed an exceptionally loyal following almost immediately. Proper Hop first opened in December 2021, because who doesn’t want to open a new retail joint in the middle of a pandemic?!? PHT has about 20 tap handles and is continually rotating in new choices. They have a good selection of local beers, but they also bring in amazing choices from all over the country. But what really sets them apart is the name … or really, the reason behind it. Patrick, if you’re reading this – this is a compliment. You see kids, Patrick is a bit of a nerd. He believes in serving beer at the proper temperature and in proper glassware. So, if you’d like to sample something and want to make sure it’s being done properly – Proper Hop is a great place to be! (Pro tip – it’s also right next door to Moxie Burger for some delicious burgers!)


Oak Street Bottle Shop

Close your eyes and then walk inside Oak Street Bottle Shop. Seriously, the building isn’t what I would call scenic, but it will be all better once you get inside. The tap list is really solid  … about 15 beers on tap. But their package selection is just awesome. The truly remarkable thing here is the people that work there. They really connect with customers and genuinely want to talk beer (or really anything) with the folks that walk through the door. I sent them a message looking for a particular beer (which they DID have, by the way) and ended up discussing high school basketball recruits with them. Super cool crew there. And oh yeah – they also cater beer and wine for events and rent out their space for private parties. You really need to head over and check them out.


Stout Brothers Roswell Beer Market

You may know the Stout Brothers from some other locations (The OG in Smyrna and now in Woodstock too.) This little piece of heaven in Roswell can almost be overwhelming at first. You walk in the front door and are immediately greeted by a wall of about 40 taps. The massive chalkboard tells you what you’re seeing, from style, brewery, beer, price, ABV, etc. And fun fact, the chalk color tells you what style beer it is. I don’t know why I love that so much. This is THE place to stop in for a very wide-ranging flight of super high quality beer. And I haven’t even mentioned the package section yet. The BEST part is that nothing is pre-packaged. You don’t have to buy a 4-pack or 6-pack. It’s 100% mix-and-match … build your own pack-to-go. They have a tremendous selection of latest release cans, rare bottles, and most everything in between. (I’m talking craft beer – you won’t find Bud Light Mango on their shelves.)

The selections (both draft and packaged) are next-level, and the staff really knows their stuff. Tell them what you love and hate (be specific) and they can help you find something on the wall you’ll love.


Pinkies Up

Just a little farther up the road, you’ll find a place called Pinkies Up. This one really caught me off guard, to be quite honest. A friend told me about some of the amazing beers he found (specifically from Bhramari), and so I just had to check it out. Thank goodness. On my first visit, I was able to meet with Melissa Harbers … yeah she’s the one that runs the joint. This place is 50% wine-50% beer and 100% rock star level knowledge about both. Ask her about her favorite Super Tuscan and she’ll tell a story about a guy she met while in Italy … I’m totally making this up. I don’t know anything about wine, but that’s okay. Melissa knows just about everything.

I assumed that she was the wine half of the store, and there would be someone else who could swoop in and cover the beer side. No – it turns out the Wonder Woman knew just as much about beer as she did about wine. Unreal. So we talked for probably too long about Trappists and the modern IPA game … and … yeah – she knows her stuff cold.

Not as many tap handles as some other places, but the selection is fantastic, and you’ll feel like a long-time family member not long after you arrive. And check out some of the ridiculous bottles she has for sale on the right as you enter. And then buy me a few of them please?


Put a Bow On It

I teased it in part one of this story. Roswell has joined forces with a few other destinations in North Atlanta to create the Topside Tap Trail. This award-winning partnership between Visit Roswell, Awesome Alpharetta, and Visit Sandy Springs is a showcase for the growing and impressive beer scene just north of Atlanta. There are currently 7 breweries and yes – you can get a passport to gain stamps at each. Don’t be shocked if there is more to come down the road on this great collaboration.


That’s it! Now head on over to Roswell, and I’ll see you there.

Mike Pennington by Mike Pennington

It’s ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-ck! The holidays are approaching (finally) and it is time to start planning for the perfect gift(s) for the beer lovers in your life. We’re here to save you the Google-time … we’ve already done the shopping for you. Here are the top 12 gift ideas for beer enthusiasts for 2020.


Simple bread-making mix that uses BEER in the process. Their mix + your beer … mix, cook, and eat!! There are about 20 flavors to choose from, with savory, sweet, and spicy options available. Fun for the whole family!

Outdoor Beer Table

We’ve all said it before, “It’s so simple. Why didn’t I think of that?” It’s a stake with a tiny table on top … room for two beers and a snack. Tell me you won’t need this during the friendly backyard cornhole tournament.

Beer-BQ Sauce

Featuring beer from Jackie O’s in Ohio, there are three flavors of BBQ sauce infused with beer: Thai Sriracha, Honey Mustard, and Sweet & Smoky.

Poker Glasses and Coasters

What goes better with poker than beer? Fact – nothing does. These glasses and coasters will help you up the ante on your next poker night.

Pelican Sling Cooler

Ohmagoodness, yes. This cooler was designed specifically to hold a 4-pack of 16-ounce cans. Almost all I buy these days are 16 oz 4-packs, so this is brilliant!

Happy Hour in the Shower

Say it with me … shower beer. Those are happy words! The problem comes when it’s time to actually do the showering part. What to do with the beer? Worry nor more.

Complete Beer Course

Extremely highly-rated guide to tasting beer. This is a great gift for novice and expert alike. This description says it all, “Boot camp for beer geeks: from novice to expert in 12 tasting classes.”

Keter Cooler Table

Continuing with the backyard drink-holding trend. This table has a cooler-like bottom that can hold up to 40 cans with ice. Again, this is fantastic design.

Yoy Drink Holder

Apparently I am in desperate need of something to “Hold My Beer.” This simple gadget clips onto a table and serves as a drink holder/coaster combo when you’re on the go!

Brew Your Own IPA

Been thinking about homebrewing but not ready for the capital investment? Try out this kit that comes with everything you need to brew a gallon of West Coast IPA.

Belgian Beer of the Month Club

I’m going to put this in here every year until someone gets it for me. This is heaven delivered to your door every month for a year. Cousin Eddie said it best, “That’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.”

Viking Drinking Horn

I love everything about this. It’s rustic; it has a 97-year warranty (not sure what happens in year 98); has a cool factor that is so off the charts. I. Need. This. In. My. Life!!!


BONUS POINTS – when all else fails, support your local brewery. Buy gift cards, merchandise, and beer-to-go. Take a group of friends out for a flight-or-pint. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESSES!!

Mike Pennington by Mike Pennington


‘Tis the season … to start freaking out about what to buy for family and friends this holiday season. Black Friday and the ridiculous mobs of people, usually only those born without any sense of manners or decorum, descend on WalMart, Target, and basically anything else that isn’t tied down in order to find THE ‘it’ gift of the season. Eschewing sleep in the hopes of saving 2% on the latest techno-gadget … that will be forgotten by February.

We buy gifts to show we care. For those of us with beer-lovers in our lives, it can become increasingly difficult to find something that they will not only appreciate but that they will actually use and enjoy. So, here we are again with a list of the top beer-themed gifts for the holiday season. If there are 12 days of Christmas, why not list the top 12 gift ideas?

1. Beer of the Month Club (price varies)

With apologies to Cousin Eddie, THIS is truly the gift that keeps giving the whole year. There are several options out there, but we prefer the folks at Belgian Style Ales. For the bargain price of just $516, the recipient will enjoy a monthly shipment of Belgium’s finest for a full year (shorter subscriptions available as well). Hint: I really want this. If you want to support your local beer blogger – this is an awesome way!

2. Shower Beer Holder ($12.97)

Shower time … relaxation time. What could make it better than having some delicious beer with you to further the relaxation? The problem comes when finding a place to rest the beer while you’re in there. The folks at Shakoolie have you covered, with lots of styles and sayings.

3. State Map Bottle Cap Holder ($25-75)

You’ve got an endless sea of bottle caps that you’d like to display with pride. Rather than putting them in a box, why not use them as decoration for the mancave or home bar? Sizes, materials, etc can vary.

4. Fizzics ($90/ $150)

Yes, please. These guys went on Shary Tank and wowed everyone there. This system turns a can/ bottle/ crowler/ growler into beer more like it’s straight from the tap. I’m not going to get all science-y but they use sound waves to ‘inject’ the beer with bubbles that they say bring out the true flavor of the beer, mimicking what you’d taste straight from the wall at the brewery. And yes, there are brewers out there giving it a thumbs up. Me want.

5. Underground Beer Storage ($100)

Imagine if you will that we’re nearing the end of the Zombie Apocalypse. And now that you’re safe from becoming dinner for the undead, you’d like to pop open a vold one. Luckily, you had stored some of your favorites underground and now have easy access to delicious beer that has remained aat a nice cellar-ish temperature because it’s been protected by Mother Earth. Thank you, Biersafe.

6. Beer Soap ($5.00)

Continuing the theme of beer-in-shower … Because, who doesn’t want to have that IPA smell on them all day? Our friends at Dogfish Head have created a soap using their 60-Minute IPA.

7. Printable Beer Labels ($15)

A company called Neato has produced a template for you to print your beer labels at home. Homebrewing and need labels? Check. Or maybe you want to fool your friends who only drink Ultra and slap an Ultra label on a bottle of Russian Imperial Stout. (If you do this, please video the hilarity and post it on the BGB Facebook page.)

8. Plinko Bottle Cap Opener ($76.50)

Bob Barker says the Price is Right for this one. There are a lot of varieties of this concept out there. We particularly like this one from BlankCanvasByBrandon because of the chalkboard at the bottom … you can get very creative with what happens in each slot.

9. Sofa Drink Holder (25.00)

I’m sitting on the couch, with a cold beer. There isn’t a table or ledge nearby. What on earth am I to do on the off times I need to set my beer down? Enter CouchCoaster. It’s a very simplistic yet engenius little device that turns any armrest into a drink holder. Well played, CouchCoaster.

10. Goodnight Brew book ($13.42)

Because why not get the kiddos involved, right? Karla Oceanak penned this parody of Goodnight Moon, and it is certain to send you off to sleep with pleasant thoughts of porters and dubbels and IPAs.

11. Pico Brew ($399.00)

This thing is for real. Brew your own beer at home with a very modern and user-friendly process. This countertop system allows you to purchase ‘PicoPaks’ – pods of ingredients – in order to be able to create certain beers or styles. It’s clean, it’s simple, and it creates some pretty fantastic beer without all of the mess and hassle. It’s not foolproof, but it’s absolutely the simplest way to brew at home.

12. BabyGotBeer Beertasting Party (and Swag!) ($25/person)

Reserve your BGB tasting party today and score some sweet car/fridge swag! (Or I can sell you one of these bad boys for the bargain price of $4.)


Mike Pennington by Mike Pennington