About Us


The regular folks’ guide to drinking and enjoying beer

Mike Pennington, normal, 40-ish, father of three, living the suburban dream north of Atlanta.

I started this blog as a hobby; just an outlet to write about something the I love. I love trying different beers … different flavors, combinations, breweries, styles, etc. I just like trying different things. If I go to a restaurant with a decent selection, I cannot have the same beer twice. I am absolutely compelled to try different flavors! I am what is called a beer geek, not a beer snob. Both geeks and snobs know a lot about beer and like to talk about it with anyone who will listen.  But the difference is: snobs will make fun of your beer choice; geeks believe the mantra, “Like what you drink and drink what you like.”

What are my go-to loves? I love Trappist Belgian beers, specifically dubbels and quadrupels. I like them thick and malty – not light or watery. I like browns, ambers and schwarzbier. More importantly than anything else, I like local beer. If I have a choice between two beers I haven’t had before, I almost always opt for the hometown brew.  Now, when traveling, the home town brew means anything from THAT town. Traveling + experiencing new beers … THAT’S life!

Russ Webb – tech geek, bacon lover…and total beer snob. I’m trying to be a beer geek, but when I see someone drinking a bud light lime it hurts my soul.

I travel a lot for both work and fun, and I make a point of seeking out new beers wherever I roam. My favorite beers are Belgians, but I’m also a huge fan of porters and stouts. I will try any and all, and I’ve been surprised at some palate pleasers I’ve found outside my comfort zone.  I’ve visited over 75 breweries in 23 states and 6 different countries, and I will always choose a flight if offered and drink whatever is brewed nearby. #drinklocal

What’s my favorite thing? Sharing good beer with good friends like my beer bro Mike. Great beer and great friends makes for a great day!