You know the drill. If your kid is just going to a birthday party, you drop ’em off at the House O’ Fun and go on about your day for 2 hours. However, if you’re hosting said festival, you get to sit there with 1,100 screaming kids, noisy machines, and really bad pizza. So, I’m sitting there yesterday, watching the 8 years olds bowl … lots of bumpers in play … and they bring out the pizza for the minions. Everyone gets their share and starts going to town. I reach in for a slice of cheese pizza thinking, “How bad can this be?”

Granted, I’ve been to Italy and had what I would call the best pizza in the galaxy. So, admittedly, I’m somewhat biased. But this was cardboard with flavorless tomato sauce and a light dusting of cheese. Good news – no temptation to have more. Bad news, I’m flipping starving when the cupcakes come around. Almost like a dark cloud inside my silver lining. I caved on the cupcake. I mean … I’m human.

Breakfast – requisite granola bar. And a cinnamon roll. Birthday treats start early in the BGB household.
Lunch – miserable cheese pizza and a cupcake. At least I didn’t order a pitcher of beer!
Dinner – we went to another local wing/TV/beer joint. I got a grilled chicken wrap with a side salad. I failed when the kids both ordered tater tots and didn’t finish them. But I only had 6-8 of them. So, all in all not a terrible day.

Saturday’s Beer

What beers appeared for the #DrinkAndDropChallenge today? The WZ Tavern in Roswell has a relatively small beer list. but they usually bring the thunder with local beers on tap. This was no exception. I had two pints of Creature Comforts Koko Buni. If you haven’t had it yet this year, it’s outstanding.

Sounds like a Ferris Bueller quote … “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

February 10, 2019
Mike Pennington

Author: Mike Pennington

Mike Pennington, normal, 40-ish, father of three, living the suburban dream north of Atlanta.  

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